New Players 


Looking to play the game, but don’t know where to start?  Here is everything you need to get going.

Of the five millions residents in the Sydney area, surprisingly, there are just four masters teams established; the Wombats at Harrington Park, the Redbacks at Rouse Hill, the Rocks at Warwick Farm and the Tigers at Marrickville.  Further afield, the Lightning play at Wollongong, the Hornets at Newcastle, North Coast at Coffs Harbour, and there is one team in Canberra.  Choose a team based on location preference.

There is no league in NSW Masters and we do not always keep score.  Instead, teams play at least fortnightly intra-club matches with occasional friendlies from March through to September.  There is a carnival held in each region during the season and a national carnival in October.  The Rocks also host weekly games from October to December.

Intra-club games are held at different times over the weekend.  Redbacks play mostly on Friday nights, Tigers on Saturday afternoons, Wombats on Saturday nights, and the Rocks on Sunday mornings.  Your availability may influence which club you elect to represent.  Because we do not all play at the same time, you can join intra-club games held by other clubs.

Masters Australian Football operates under a set of modified rules to promote a safer way of playing the game and ensure the ethos of ‘footy for fun’ is adhered to.

If you’d like to increase fitness and practice your skills further, the Redbacks, Wombats and Tigers hold weekly training sessions.

Cost.  Clubs charge between $100 and $200 per season depending on what clothing is supplied.  Registration is mandatory with the league for a further $20.  On game day, $10 is payable to your team.  This covers umpires, ground fees and barbecues.  If you play for another club, the cost is $15.

So, head to our clubs page, select a team, make contact and get involved.  We do not mind which team you associate with, so long as the numbers continue to grow, we will all benefit.  See you on the field.

NSW Indemnity Form 2017.